Race to Imagine International aims to facilitate the exchange of impact stories with a glocal scope: a local story that will inspire global communities. Impact stories will be presented from different perspectives by students, faculty and leaders from different institutions. Each story will be about an initiative within a local community that addresses a challenge related to one of the themes: Health Care, Climate Change and Human Rights.  During simultaneous convenings Uniandes’ participants and the international partners will share their stories, strategies and past actions, and propose new initiatives that need to be undertaken in the near future to address the local challenges related to Health Care, Climate Change and Human Rights.

Weekly Convenings

What is a weekly convening?: These are discussion spaces that last 1h 30m in which students, faculty members, and organizational business leaders from Uniandes and one partner university (University of Geneva, University of Miami, and Thunderbird Global School of Management) will share experiences and impact stories in a LIVE virtual format on a single topic of common interest (Health Care, Climate Change, or Human Rights).

How to participate: register for each of the convenings. We invite all students to enroll in all convenings. These are amazing opportunities to learn and connect to the global conversation. You don’t need any prior preparation. 

Collaborations for Healthcare Leadership

October 15th 

8:00 am - 10:00 am EDT

Forests and  Climate Change Mitigation: Impact Stories

October 22th 

10:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Human Rights Impact Stories

October 29th 

8:00 am - 10:00 am EDT

Race to Tell an Impact Story

What is the Race to Tell Impact Story?:  This is an inspiring activity in which your team will do research, write/record testimonials and tell an impact story, about relevant developments  within your community. You and your team will be business journalists and story-tellers! Through your local story, you’ll inspire the global community within the GBSN network.

What to do: Gather 3 to 4 teammates. Look for an impact story that links to one of the themes: Health Care, Climate Change, or Human Rights. Learn all, research all, interview key-actors and decision makers, and –at the end– make  a short video for the world to know your story and meet your local community. Detailed instructions will be available on Bloque Neón to guide you through this activity step by step.

When: Start searching for the story as soon as you and your teammates agree on working together. Participate in the Weekly Convenings to get some inspiration, and upload the final video in Bloque Neón before November, 7th.

Grandparents Impact Story
EY Impact Story
Fundación Cardioinfantil Impact Story
Fundación Manos Amorosas Impact Story
Fundafe Impact Story
Health Care Impact Story
Punto Azul Impact Story
Street Art in La Candelaria Impact Story
Volt Impact Story
Wokonscious Impact Story
Street Dreams Impact Story
How Plastic Became the Hero Impact Story

GBSN Conferences

What is the GBSN Beyond Conference?: A conference where international experts share cutting-edge research, ideas and busines models about how organizations can help solve some of the biggest problems of our time related to Health Care, Climate Change and Human Rights protection. You will be part of one of the most important conferences in the management world and, as such, will be able to interact with students and faculty from all over the world, including MIT Sloan School of Management, University of St. Gallen and Lagos Business School, among many others.

How to participate: Register directly on the GBSN webpage. You will find the detailed instructions in Bloque Neón.

When: During Semana 14, between November, 15th – 19th.

GBSN Microsimulation in Human Rights

What is the Microsimulation in Human Rights? A simulation designed by Dorothee Baumann-Pauly (Research Director for the New York University - Stern Center for Business and Human Rights), and Michael Posner (Jerome Kohlberg Professor of Ethics and Finance at the New York University - Stern), in which you and your team will represent the Head of Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing of a commodity trading company in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Take on this very important job and create value for your company,  the community and the society as a whole!

How to participate: Register using the link that you can find at the bottom of this mail. You don’t need any preparation. Bring your enthusiasm and desire to learn!

When: During Semana 14, between November, 15th – 19th.

During all the activities of Race to Imagine International, you can get STARS that will give you access to:

- Portray your team and your own impact story in the GBSN Hall of Fame, and add this story to your resume.

- Have the opportunity to meet face-to face with a renowned leader from our country who will share with you his/her impact story.

- Obtain a 5.0 grade in your S14 – Race to Imagine International participation.*

*Applies only to courses that assign a score to this participation.

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